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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

THE STORY: The setting is a rundown bar in the Bronx, where two of society's rejects, Danny and Roberta, strike up a halting conversation over their beer. He is a brooding, self-loathing young man who resorts more to violence than reason; she is a divorced, guilt-ridden young woman.

*This was LOVE2 THEATRE'S inaugural production.


"Jennifer McEwen and Justin Otto have intense, fiery chemistry. Even when their words or behaviour is nasty and menacing, there is always heat between them. As I’ve come to expect, there is no apparent artifice in David Lafontaine’s sure and steady direction, no clever embellishments to distract from the authentic and compelling illusion of life...As dubius as I am with the trope of alienated misfits coming together to find their perfect misfit love, I can buy into it here. When these bristly characters focus their chaotic energies on each other and a potential life, rather than self-abuse and outward anger, my cynicism dries up and I find myself rooting wholeheartedly for them." ~ Istvan Dugalin

"Justin Otto plays Danny with such a chip on his shoulder you wonder how he gets his t-shirt on. You feel at any moment he could explode and do her damage. By the same token, you believe that she (Jennifer McEwen) could slug him and knock him out...

At one point she rails at him and is quite physical with her anger and he takes it. This is a man who beat people up for looking at him funny and now he is taking this behaviour from this woman as damaged as he is. They bond over their need to get rid of their anger.

Do I believe this could happen? I do because Shanley is such a gifted playwright.  His language is crunchy, it crackles with humour and hurt.  He writes about the wounded soul. And I believe it because the acting is so engaging." ~Lynn Slotkin


Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

A play by: John Patrick Shanley

Directed by: David Lafontaine

With: Jennifer McEwen & Justin Otto

Producer: Marvin Arantea

Stage Manager: Gloria Mok

Front of House Manager: Kaitlin Race

This site specific theatre experience was presented late May/Early June in 2019 at the Monarch Tavern.

Roberta03-1 (1).jpg


Monarch Tavern,

12 Clinton St. Toronto ON.

May 30 - 7pm

May 31 - 7pm

June 1 - 7pm

June 6 - 7pm

June 7 -7pm

June 8- 7pm

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